The all new Artesia A-20 Plus digital studio piano has contemporary lines and stylish concise footprint.

The Artesia A-20 Plus is one of two pianos in Artesia’s Contemporary Piano Category, that offers not only stylish and elegant design but also beautiful expressive sound quality and performance features that include the new Natural Balanced Hammer Action performance keybed. Plus the 3 layer grand piano sound samples and 3D instrument samples that make it ready for stage, studio, home or institution settings.

Beyond Style

The Artesia A-20 Plus offers a sleek, modern-furniture-like design, featuring a solid, soft-close safety lid that can be used as a music rest when opened. With its dark rosewood and hi gloss finish, the A-20 Plus fits well into any room in the house, into any home décor. Not only is it beautiful to look at but it is also a space saver with its smaller more concise footprint.

Expression and Feeling

The grand piano sounds alone in the Artesia A-20 Plus offer a level of dynamic realism and expression. Three levels of stereo piano samples are integrated with Artesia’s proprietary RWA Sound Engine, for a truly dynamic grand piano sound and a wide dynamic range. These sounds are triggered by a new full scale hammer action keyboard that brings the feel of an acoustic piano to your fingertips. Its advanced, natural acoustic balanced hammer action design offers dynamic response and smooth playability plus five different velocity touch settings to satisfy every style of practice or performance. Dedicated buttons are provided so players can change the keyboard touch from light to heavy in accordance with their finger strength.

Incredible Sound

The Artesia A-20 Plus offers 3 layer sampling with its acoustic Supra Sound sound sample processing. We record the actual acoustic instrument capturing its depth, expression and essence of the instrument itself. Instruments such as Grand Piano Voices, EPiano Voices, Harp, Vibes, Organ Voices, N. Guitar, Strings and Bass Voices are included. Any two sounds can be layered or split across the keyboard simultaneously. 137 instrument sounds are provided, enabling players to cover a broad range of musical genres. Whatever type of music that you play Artesia has the instrument voices that deliver.

USB and MIDI Ports

The Artesia A-20 Plus has many connection and interface possibilities to ensure that your piano will never be out of date. The convenient USB and MIDI Ports allow it to be connected to laptops, tablets, smartphones and other compatible devices that offer amazing options for adding additional instrument voices, fantastic teaching apps and so much more. We even include a teaching app to get your started. iPads, iPhones and others are simply just plug and play.

Music Recorder

An easy-to-use internal song recorder will save your practice sessions or performance at an instant with just a touch of a button. There are two recording tracks available so you could also build your song first with chords or a bass line on one track then add a melody line to the second track. You can also use standard USB drive to enable multi-track recording.

Duet Function

The Duet Function allows both the teacher and student to play on the same keyboard together. The Piano is divided into two keyboard areas, which allow both teacher and student to play the same piano sound in the same octave. Additionally, the pedal function changes so that the left and right pedals are now designated as sustain pedals for both teacher and student to use.

Built-In Piano Teacher

The Artesia A-20 Plus has additional features that can enhance your playing skills such as the built-in Piano Teacher Function. The Teacher Mode has songs and exercises that allow you to practice playing your left and right hand separately first, then using both hands simultaneously as you have learned the musical piece. The many songs and exercises are an excellent way to sharpen your playing skills and for listening enjoyment, and to cultivate musical appreciation.

Artesia A20 Deluxe Package

$1,199.00 Regular Price
$699.00Sale Price
  • Product Specifications:

      • Keyboard: Natural Balanced Hammer Action
      • Number of Keys: 88
      • Touch Sensitivity: 5 Levels, Fixed
      • Type of Display: LCD
      • Built-in Tones: 137
      • Preset Songs and Exercises: 50+
      • Built-in Metronome: Yes
      • Preset Scales: 2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 6/8, 12/8
      • Recording: 2 Tracks (more when used with a USB drive)
      • DSP Effects: EQ, Reverb, Chorus
      • Lesson Function: Yes
      • Duet Function: Yes
      • Pedals: 3
      • Internal Memory: Yes
      • USB Port: Yes
      • Number of USB ports: 2 (USB midi and USB to device)
      • Audio in Jack: Yes, Stereo
      • Memory Card Slot: No
      • MIDI: Yes
      • Speakers: Yes
      • Number of Speakers: 4
      • Amplifier Watts: 35 per side
      • Power Jack: Yes



    What’s Included:

    • Songbook
    • Piano Maestro App for iOS with popular songs
    • USB Cable
    • Assembly Guide and Instruction Manual

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