The Kohler KD-160 incorporates all of the same features as the KD-150... and a whole lot more! The 4'10" cabinet is amazingly beautiful and a wonderful showpiece in any home. Additional features include a vocal harmonizer and video output, capable of displaying Karaoke lyrics on your TV screen. The KD-160 also includes a built-in hard drive along with a floppy drive. The KD-160 is the perfect instrument for the creative musician or the novice who simply wants the best in sound and performance.

Used Kohler KD160 Grand

  • • Powerful HI (Hyper Integrated) sound generation system
    • OPOS (Objective Portable Operating System)—multi-tasking operating system, to let you load data while playing your instrument
    • Updatable operating system, to add new features from disk
    • Solid State Disk (SSD), for any system update—a smart way to replace the usual ROM memory
    • Direct style from floppy disk or hard drive
    • General MIDI level 2 sound compatible
    • 360 total watts (120 watts x 3), 5-way speaker system
    • More than 660 sounds
    • 4 Multi effect processor, each with 89 effects
    • 80 Performances and 1,216 Single Touch Settings (STS), for fast keyboard and effect settings
    • 304 styles with 4 variations
    • XDS Dual Sequencer with Crossfader
    • Backing Sequence—16 tracks, real time record, acc step record
    • Style record and edit
    • Full-featured sequencer (Song Record and Edit)
    • Onboard sampling to create new sounds and audio grooves
    • Large custom display
    • Monophonic After Touch
    • Pitchbend and Modulation Wheels
    • Lyric display
    • 88-note hammer action keyboard with after-touch (Fatar TP30)
    • Hard Drive, Vocal Harmonizer
    • Video output with karaoke lyric display

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