Here is a digital piano that offers an incredible array of features in a very easy to use configuration. This Clavinova has a very large and easy to read screen located in the center of the piano. This screen is your central control to accessing all of the many features.  Over 800 sounds (including XG, Midi, Sweet! Live! Cool! And Natural! Sounds & voices) are packed into this piano. Not sure what sound to use where? Yamaha has you covered! Each sound has a demo button that will give you a sample of both the sound and style. Over 175 different drum styles are included with this package that feature full accompaniment in several variations per style. Not sure what drum style to use? Don’t worry about it! The Music Finder was created just for this purpose. Click the Music Finder button and select the song you want your song to sound like (over 2500 choices!) and the piano will automatically select the appropriate style! Easy as pie! Ever wish you could just hit a button and start back at square one? They thought of that too! If you wish to go back to the standard piano sound just hit the “Piano” button and you are back to the crisp, clear sound of Yamaha’s CFIII grand piano, meticulously sound crafted into the Natural! sounds of this piano.


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